August 15, 2021

S2E3: What Makes You Trusted? The NEW Trust-6 Model: Personality Compatibility [Part 2]

This episode is the second part of the personality compatibility component of “who you are.” The previous episode covered two dimensions of personality compatibility (area and scope). This episode covers the other three.

The third dimension of personality compatibility is alignment. At the universal/absolute level, alignment is mandatory for trust. However, the personal level, where there are multiple “good” alternatives that could be completely opposite, could entertain alignment, complementary relations, or simply different values.

The fourth dimension is importance. Alignment may not be achieved throughout every behavior or value, but the importance that the trustor gives it will dictate how much they will trust you.

The fifth dimension is controllability. If the level of alignment was not achieved, will you accept that there is something you should change, and more important—can you control it? Will you be able to change?

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