August 8, 2021

S2E2: What Makes You Trusted? The NEW Trust-6 Model: Personality Compatibility [Part 1]

The second component of “who you are” is the personality compatibility. Since trust is relative (trust laws 1 through 4), personality compatibility should be considered through the eyes of the person you want to be trusted by. Personality compatibility has the biggest impact on how much the other person is willing to trust you, 86%.

There are five dimensions for personality compatibility. The first two are covered in this episode, the first of two episodes to cover this component.

The first dimension is the area of such compatibility. It includes how you interpret the world and communications, what are your values, your intentions, your actions and behaviors, and finally your personality characteristics (typically measured through personality assessments such as Myers Briggs, DiSC, StrengthsFinder, and the like).

The second dimension is the scope. It is a continuum that starts at universal scope, in which good is considered good by everyone and bad is considered bad by everyone. It continues through cultural scope, local/organizations scope (such as traditions and “how we do things here”), and down to the personal level, in which opposite behaviors and values could be equally valid and good (or bad).

This episode also discusses the differences between the ethical bar and the legal bar, and how compatibility (or incompatibility) there affects trust.

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