January 9, 2022

S4E2: How to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of the year, and we set our new year resolutions. But, before you set your new year resolutions, let me ask you one question: did YOU achieve LAST year’s resolution? I found a statistic that showed that 35% of people kept ALL their 2020 resolutions. That’s not bad! 49% kept some, and 16% kept none. So, what’s the secret to achieving your new year's resolutions? In this episode, I will focus on resolutions that intend to form new habits. The framework I will use is the same that I used in The Book of TRUST and I use in my Trust Habits Workshops to help form habits that build your trustworthiness. I also used it in the book Worst Diet Ever to help lose weight and live healthy (and that’s how I lost 32 pounds myself…). In this episode I will show you how to form habits, successfully, so that you will achieve your 2022 resolutions. 

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