January 2, 2022

S4E1: Is Procrastination Good or Bad?

A very famous speaker was procrastinating until the last minute on writing his speech. In fact, he went on stage without the entire speech. He was a procrastinator. Then, on stage, he added four more words to it. He decided to start with the words: "I have a dream..."

We typically look at procrastination in a negative context. But, is it all bad? In this episode, I will first show both the negative and positive aspects of procrastination. I will also give you some advice as to how to decide whether to procrastinate or not. 

But the most important part is that I will show you how to determine whether you should trust a procrastinator or not and whether you should be trusted based on your procrastination profile. That decision will be based on the Personality Compatibility component of trustworthiness, and will be explained through the lens of the first four laws of trust, namely that trust is relative. 

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