December 5, 2021

S3E9: Becoming more Trusted, Step 7: Just do it!

The first 6 steps of the process helped you identify a relationship, what you are doing that's holding you back from being more trusted in that relationship, identify a new habit that will help you be more trusted, and helped you refine and clarify that habit, making it stick, and appoint an accountability partner that will help you achieve your goal. You could have done all of that without leaving your chair, and you could have completed it in hours or days. But now, it's time to form the habit. You have a plan, and you must execute it. This episode describes the 7th step of the Trust Habits process, the step you do by yourself. The episode will answer the main question: how long would it take for it to become a habit? There are two reasons why it will take months (and not days or weeks). The episode will also propose what to do if you miss practicing the habit. 

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