November 21, 2021

S3E7: Becoming more Trusted, Step 5: Making it Stick (Part II), Extrinsic Motivation

It's not enough that you identified the new habit that must replace an old bad habit that was holding you back from being more trusted. The Goldilocks rule states that if it is too easy or too hard, you will not be motivated enough to form this new habit. So, you chose a habit that is right there on the line of being too hard. The previous episode gave you five methods to make it a little easier, or make it "stick." But, often the intrinsic motivation (being more trusted) is simply not enough to overcome the effort. This episode covers the sixth method to make it stick: extrinsic motivation. What is extrinsic motivation? How does it work? When could you stop? Answers to all these questions are in this episode of The TRUST Show. 

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