July 11, 2021

S1E8: Trust is Transferrable, Dynamic, Two-Sided (Trust Laws 5, 7, 8)

This is the conclusion of the 8 laws of trust, covering laws 5, 7, and 8. The first four laws describe the relativity of trust. Law 5 describe trust as transferrable. Law 7 focuses on the dynamic nature of trust, and Law 8 suggests that trust is two sided, and that the level of trust you have in another person is the product of your trustability (willingness to trust other people in general) and the other person's trustworthiness. 

Understanding these 8 laws will help understanding everything else I will say about trust. These 8 laws emphasizes the differentiation of my approach to trust:  trust is RELATIVE and not UNIVERSAL, and it is trust is DYNAMIC and not STATIC.


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